Why Medical Billing Software

Why Medical Billing Software

March 19th, 2012 // 8:05 pm @

If you run a medical practice and you are in charge revenue, you have probably received tons of information about medical billing software. You probably already have your billing systems in place, but you should definitely check out medical billing software. Medical billing software is a great buy because it helps to expedite the billing processes and improves efficiency in the claims cycle. Not only does it make billing itself faster and more efficient, you can save all of your billing records in a more accessible, comprehensive manner.

Medical billing software is simply a great idea for medical practices as well as medical billing professionals because the billing is more precise (less errors), more professionally presented, and easier to manage and control. Many of the software programs out there will allow you to print statements that are very professional and take just minutes to complete. You can’t get this if you are doing your own medical billing manually, or if you do, it takes much longer than it would if you had dedicated medical billing software.

When you are not using medical billing software, all of your billing, filing, and indexing is subject to human error. Not only do you come across as more professional, but also if a patient or funder calls with a question, you can easily pull up his or her billing information in record time. With medical billing software you can automatically create invoices and effect credit control in cases of unpaid balances and have instant access to all of these items at your fingertips. There simply is no replacement for medical billing software, and any doctor or medical billing professional will find that it is a much more effective and efficient use of their time.

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The Medinol story…

Medinol was started in 1984 through the efforts of Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng. and Dr Kaimy Noor, a GP still currently practicing in the Strand.
The software package was developed to empower individual township-type practices to stand up to the gargantuan medical aids who rule the market by controlling the purse strings.
We are particularly proud that the solid engineering design principles on which Medinol is based has withstood the test of time, handling over R100's million in medical aid claims.
No mean feat for a small organization pitted against giants with massive resources.

What our users say…

"You've made my much easier. Thank you!"

Kulsum, Practice Manager, Dr J Rhoda, Mandalay

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