How Do I put my Practice on Medinol?

Let us get to know each other before making a lifelong commitment … if this sound like a marriage of sorts, it is because we take our obligations very seriously.  Ensuring your practice success is a core value to our presence in the market. We have no qualms with walking away if we do not feel there is a “fit” between your practice and our organisation.

So should you wish to get started, why not call Fudley Bezuidenhout on 021 906 2296 or 082 688 9610 in order to share your vision of where you want your practice to go. To us, its not just business as usual – it’s personal.

Can I Run Medinol on a Network?

Of course you can! Medinol runs on all sorts of local networks: Windows, Linux, file server configurations, etc. This gives your the ability to have the software simultaneously used by as many people in your practice as you like – at no extra cost! It then gives you shared access to a single database, and the ability to share expensive resources, e.g. printers, etc.

Can I use my Own Choice of Carrier?

The choice of carrier is entirely yours. You can choose any one that conforms to the EDIFACT standard. For historic reasons we prefer DH Switch. Getting you online is slick, easy and reasonably cost-effective. But we’re also have the ability to send data through Datamax and Healthbridge.

Can I use Medinol with more than One Practice Number?

Medinol is licensed on a practitioner-basis, i.e. one license per practice number. So the answer to this question is, no. That being said, we do have a number of outsourcing companies that use Medinol with a number of practices. This is made possible by deploying custom software that we’ve developed to do the “switching” in and out.

What is the Maximum Data Capacity?

Unlimited. Medinol imposes no restrictions on the number of patients, medical aids, ICD-10 codes, medicines, and/or tariff items. You are limited solely by the capacity of your hard drive.

How do I Protect my Data?

At Medinol we believe that you are the sole owner and custodian of your data. In the first instance, in line with HIPAA requirements, access to your patient data is password protected. In the second instance, the data resides exclusively on your local hard drive. Your data is not stored off-site, neither is it in the hands of third parties with sinister motives.

What if I need Support After-Hours?

We pride ourselves in doing everything necessary to keep our Medinol practices running smoothly, even if it means having to take care of your emergency outside of business hours. We understand that your practice hours may not necessarily coincide with the regular 9-5 office hours. So yes, if you need us to be there for you, simply call during office hours to make an arrangement.

What Happens if I Sell my Practice ?

As mentioned earlier Medinol is licensed on a practitioner-basis. We do offer a special arrangement by which the incoming practitioner can simply have the software re-licensed in his or her name, keeping all the patient data intact to ensure a smooth transition for the patient. In this case, the incoming health care provider would pay a nominal license transfer fee.

How long does it take to implement Medinol?

From walking in at your door, to submitting the first account … 3 hours. Provided all the requirements are in place, we offer the fastest time-to-claim in the industry. More reasonably though, for first time users it takes about 3 training sessions to become fully proficient. That being said, you will get payment from the medical aids within 7-10 working days.

How can I customize my Practice Details?

As the owner, your Medinol data and settings can be customised to your heart’s content.

The Medinol story…

Medinol was started in 1984 through the efforts of Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng. and Dr Kaimy Noor, a GP still currently practicing in the Strand.
The software package was developed to empower individual township-type practices to stand up to the gargantuan medical aids who rule the market by controlling the purse strings.
We are particularly proud that the solid engineering design principles on which Medinol is based has withstood the test of time, handling over R100's million in medical aid claims.
No mean feat for a small organization pitted against giants with massive resources.

What our users say…

"From paper claims to electronic submissions, you have been there for me and my staff every step of the way. No matter how miniscule or how great the problem, you are always available via telephone and you never hesitate to come on site, if required. Whenever I hear colleagues discussing the problems they are encountering with their software house, it re-inforces for me that I made the right decision to choose Medinol. With you at the helm, I am confident that we will continue to work well together for many years to come!"

By R Gool, Elsies River. Medinol user since 1993

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