Don’t Be Fooled

A number of our competitors will tout their packages as being the latest and greatest – with all the bells, whistles and frills. But, don’t be fooled. The basic functionality in submitted health care claims has in essence not changed since 1994 … with the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Furthermore, “click-o-rrhea” grows tedious very quickly and gets in the way of great patient care.

Sure, there are fantastic features worth paying good money for, but how much of it will really matter in the day-to-day running of your practice? And in the caring treatment of your patient?

To date, Medinol has remained true to its core. It is written in a language called Clipper, compiled to machine binary code to give the fastest possible speed. The fact that’s it not written in .net means that there are certain nice-to-have features that we lack. For example the ability to copy and paste between fields. But compared with the advantages of being fairly impervious to computer viruses, the failsafe robustness, and the raw speed, it’s really a small trade-off.

On our home page click on the “See it in action” button to gauge for yourself. Once the basics are internalised, data capturing is fast, accurate and error-free.

And if someone’s trying to sell you on a web-based PMA (Practice Management Application):

Just get them trying to answer the following couple of questions…

“So where exactly is my data hosted? In whose hands is it? And who is looking after it? What if there is a breach? Is there a possibility of someone mis-using my data? Who is in charge? What if my competitors get their hands on it? What about patient confidentiality? How do I get my data back, should I decide to leave?

My rooms are open till late at night; what happens if I cannot access my patient files after your closing hours? What happens to my practice if I lose Internet connection with my ISP?”

So what were their answers like? Are they, like so many in the past, trying to sell vapourware to gullible health care professionals?  The web-based solution being touted may work elsewhere in the world, but not in a developing country like South Africa. Rather be pragmatic and stick with what you have.

The Medinol story…

Medinol was started in 1984 through the efforts of Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng. and Dr Kaimy Noor, a GP still currently practicing in the Strand.
The software package was developed to empower individual township-type practices to stand up to the gargantuan medical aids who rule the market by controlling the purse strings.
We are particularly proud that the solid engineering design principles on which Medinol is based has withstood the test of time, handling over R100's million in medical aid claims.
No mean feat for a small organization pitted against giants with massive resources.

What our users say…

"From paper claims to electronic submissions, you have been there for me and my staff every step of the way. No matter how miniscule or how great the problem, you are always available via telephone and you never hesitate to come on site, if required. Whenever I hear colleagues discussing the problems they are encountering with their software house, it re-inforces for me that I made the right decision to choose Medinol. With you at the helm, I am confident that we will continue to work well together for many years to come!"

By R Gool, Elsies River. Medinol user since 1993

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