Did you know…

* ITEXPERTSA has built up substantial “insider knowledge” on Computers, Networks and all related equipment which you benefit from when you engage with us.
* Computers and even Software Systems have “wear & tear” characteristics, much like cars or other machinery. That’s why one cannot just leave IT and expect it to work forever. Just like cars, IT also requires periodic service & maintenance to maintain optimum performance.
* We view IT equipment as a Capital Investment, that’s why we only deal in premium quality equipment, which if looked after correctly can serve you many, many years. Sorry, but “the cheapest” is usually the most expensive in the long run in the IT world.
* With proper maintenance performed by us, some clients have the very pleasant experience of running the same computer equipment for up to eight years or more!
* ITEXPERTSA have developed relations with a number of professionals in a variety of industries. In the rare event that we cannot resolve a problem, we have the necessary linkages to refer you to a competent solution provider.


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