Medinol practice management software helps hundreds of doctors and dentists throughout South Africa implement and sustain a flow of payments from their patients and medical aids in a way that, not only upholds their lifestyle, but also allows them to grow their practices.


Its all about what’s really relevant or as Darwin would put it, survival of the fittest. In order to better care for their patients, private doctors and dentists often locate their practices located in areas offering convenient to their patients. This may mean being located in townships to serve the poorer communities or areas offering access via convenient public transport. And in order to serve their patients appropriately, staff are normally recruited from the area and from the community they serve. A good practice management software package such as Medinol provides the easy to use tools for the staff to become proficient very quickly.


Medinol practice management software takes the chore out of billing and claims by providing:

– Easy management of patient information

– Fast, error-free billing process

– Paper and electronic claim submission (EDI)

– Scalable to any volume of patients and claims

– Complete control over pricing, tariffs and fees

– Correct coding of diagnoses (ICD10) and medicine (NAPPI)

– Comprehensive credit control procedures


In its current incarnation Medinol practice management software requires lightweight computer resources. Minimum computer hardware requirements are based on: Windows XP or better, an Internet connection, a Pentium class computer, 1GB RAM, 40GB Hard drive, modem and printer. Medinol does NOT run on a Apple MAC or Windows 7-64 bit.


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We love helping health care service providers who are contributing to the upliftment of all South Africans.


Medinol Practice Management Software helps doctors and dentists establish and sustain a flow of payments from patients and medical aids. Billing and Claim Submission for South African Health Care Service Providers.


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