Key Features

Patient Management
ICD-10, NAPPI, Tariffs
Billing and Claims
Electronic Submission
EDI to All Med.Aids
Unrestricted Data Entry
History & Archiving
Robust, Secure Database
Extensive Reporting

What You Can Expect

Quick to Setup
Simple Staff Training
Easy to Run & Understand
Secure on-premise install
Multi-User Operation
Full Backup And Support

Adapts to Your Practice
130+ Installations
Save Time and Money


Standalone PC
Windows 7 or 10 -32bit
Broadband Internet
Any Type of Printer
Price: R6395 incl.
Annual lic/regn: R1495
EDI Fee: 1.1% of claims
Telephonic Backup
Remote Support



Healthcare Providers, are you looking for an affordable practice management solution? Medinol offers features and services designed to help practices of any size increase efficiency through its intuitive design, personal client relationships and insightful financial reporting.

Medinol Practice Management Application (PMA) Software helps you streamline operations, produce accurate claims, and receive reimbursements faster.

Take control of your practice with our intuitive design and extensive features. Secure your data and financial info by keeping it private on-premise, not with some nameless, faceless and insecure cloud.

Here, take a look at some of the facilities that comes included with Medinol:

Centralise patient information from the first encounter. All patient details including billing, claims and payment history updated in real-time.

Manage patient and/or medical scheme billing as independent streams. Capture reimbursements and payments quickly and easily, from a central dashboard putting you in full control of all aspects of account handling.

Stay on top of collections by allowing zero debtors 'slipping through the cracks'. Easy-to-understand patient statements, broken down by visit, and with full detail, help minimise account queries.

Take a quick pulse of your practice's fiscal health with our daily, monthly and management reports. Analyse years' worth of financial data in minutes.

Cut down the paperwork by submitting claims electronically to all the medical aids. With Medinol you have the tools to easily handle all rejections and resubmissions in minutes per day.

... and much, much more!


Medinol had its humble beginnings in 1984 through the efforts of Fudley Bezuidenhout Pr.Eng. and Dr Kaimy Noor, a GP still currently practicing in Strand, Western Cape. The aim of developing the Medinol software was to alleviate the pressing constraints of the typical township-style practices. And to further empower them to successfully bill and submit medical claims against the massively-resourced medical schemes who, up until today, still rule the healthcare environment through controlling the purse strings.

We are particularly proud that the solid engineering principles on which Medinol is based has withstood the test of time, handling over R100's million in medical aid claims. No mean feat for a small organization pitted against giants with massive resources. We can similarly help your practice navigate the treacherous waters.


"From paper claims to electronic submissions, you have been there for me and my staff every step of the way. No matter how minuscule or how great the problem, you are always available via telephone and you never hesitate to come on site, if required. Whenever I hear colleagues discussing the problems they are encountering with their software house, it re-enforces for me that I made the right decision to choose Medinol. With you at the helm, I am confident that we will continue to work well together for many years to come!"
- Dr R Gool, Elsies River, Medinol user since 1993

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